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WP Chrysler Museum Visit 2001

With the announcement that FCA will be housing the Chrysler historic collection at the former Viper Conner Avenue Plant in Detroit, I found a CD backup disc of my 2001 visit to the WP Chrysler Museum in Auburn Hills, Michigan. (I think they were taken after the 2001 Chrysler What's New new vehicle program at the Chelsea Proving Grounds west of Detroit.)

Looking at the photos it seems that I didn't shoot every car. There are two groups of photos, most were taken in the public exhibit area while others were taken in a basement storage garage. At the time I was surprised to see several Jeeps in the basement as well as an AMX. What I didn't see is the 1902 Rambler, which will be the oldest vehicle in the collection displayed in the Conor Avenue facility. The groundbreaking 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee is displayed on the main public display area.

According to the EXIF info embedded in the images, these images were shot with my camera at the time, a Nikon 990 CoolPix point and shoot so these images are not the resolution of even contemporary smartphone images. In fact, they are uncompressed 1MB images straight from the camera. Still, most seem to be sharp and crisp and I believe they can be scaled up to 4000-pixels wide from the native 2048-pixels wide.

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