Celebration of the life of Ferdinand "Butzi" Porsche 4-9-2012

On April 5, 2012, legendary designer Ferdinand "Butzi" Porsche passed away at age 76. Designer of the Porsche 904 and 901/911/912, he certainly left his mark on automotive design.

Two days after his passing, more than 300 Porsche gathered at Cars and Coffee at the Ford/Mazda campus in Irvine, California, to celebrate his life. Here are the photos I took that morning, unedited, right from the camera. They are not enhanced so if you see a car you would like to have a print of, please leave a comment and I will pull up the file and tweak it so that you can order a proper print.

All photographs copyright 2016 by Richard Truesdell/AutomotiveTraveler.com/richtruesdell@gmail.com. No use, reproduction, or commercial use without the expressed, written permission of the photographer. For a commercial license to use these photos, contact the photographer at richtruesdell@gmail.com.

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